Phix Butterscotch Tobacco


Formed for this gadget by Brewell MFG, PHIX cases pack contain the best tasting and most fulfilling e-fluid that you’ll find anyplace. Look over these PHIX pack flavors:
PHIX vape units contain 1.5 ml of e-fluid – our cases last up to two times the length of those for contending case vaping frameworks.
Blended: Contains one every one of our Butterscotch Tobacco, Hard Strawberry, Ice Tobacco and Spearmint pods.
Butterscotch: Sweet vape juice that features tobacco’s more steamy notes.
Hard Strawberry: Sweet strawberry with a hard edge, mixed to satisfy the refined palates of grown-up smokers.
Ice Tobacco: A touch of menthol layered over a smooth tobacco base. The ideal electronic cigarette flavor for menthol cigarette smokers.
Unique Tobacco: Bold American tobacco flavor with a self-assured throat hit that is ensured to please.
Spearmint: A sweet mint-and-menthol mix that cools the mouth and throat.
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