IQOS 3 Duo Kit, White (Heat Not Burn technology)


IQOS Brace is the maximum superior IQOS to date, bearing in mind successive makes use of among charges
. IQOS makes use of factual tobacco. No liquid. Furnishing a factual tobacco carouse in
 IQOS is a tool that heats factual tobacco without burning it, also appertained to as Heat Not Burn technology
. IQOS produces no bank or ash, and a much lower smell
.The ceramic heating blade inside IQOS heats tobacco from the core
 IQOS widgets were designed to oils solely with tobacco sticks known as HEETS, which may be bought independently; for guests who’re seeking out a menthol flavour, carouse in IQOS also gives menthol tobacco druthers
. IQOS/ HEETS are not risk-free. HEETS incorporate nicotine, which is addicting
. Keep this product out of the attain of children.
Nicotine Free. Keep this product out of the attain of children,
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